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Deer dies after breaking window of Burr Ridge home, landing in basement

Ihor Semenyuk

Residents of a Burr Ridge home were surprised by a deer breaking through a basement window Friday night.

Ihor Semenyuk, who is a caregiver for the McMahons on the 11500 block of Burr Oak Lane, said he was upstairs in his room when he heard an unusual bumping sound. At first, he thought it was raccoons on the roof, a common enough occurrence, he said.

“There’s a lot of raccoon activity on the roof. They sound like elephants,” Semenyuk said.

Then he realized the sounds were coming from below. He went down to the basement and saw a full-grown deer.

“She was standing up,” Semenyuk said. “I thought, oh my gosh. I understood at once she had come in through a small window.”

He went upstairs and told the McMahons, “We have a problem.”

“All the years we have lived here, there was never anything like that,” said Lorraine McMahon. And they have a lot of wildlife around their home, such as skunks, foxes, deer, raccoons and even huge turtles, she said.

Semenyuk called McMahon’s son, who told him to call the police.

“Two policemen came fast,” Semenyuk said. When he took them to the basement, the deer was lying on its side, he said.

“I understood maybe she had some damage, some internal injuries,” Semenyuk said. “It was a big deer and a small window.”

The police officers called an animal control agency for help and waited for them to respond.

“I was thinking, how will we carry this deer out, because it’s heavy,” Semenyuk said.

When three workers from the agency arrived about a half-hour later, they found the deer had died, Semenyuk said. Using a thick rope, they and the officers pulled the deer back through the window, he said.

Semenyuk said the whole experience was upsetting.

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