Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Last-minute Halloween costumes for the cold weather

MINNEAPOLIS – Halloween 2017 in the Twin Cities could be the coldest one in more than a decade.

Depending on where you grew up, you might recall stuffing ski pants and winter jackets under that perfect Halloween costume.

“Those who have children always remember the fact the little princess has her snow jacket under the princess dress,” said Brian Berberich of Theatrical Costume Company.

Berberich says there are plenty of warm options to choose from.

“Masks can get very warm as well,” he said. “The animal costumes are very popular, are very warm. … People, when they put them on, usually comment on how warm they are.”

Some of the most popular costumes this year are warm. Others, not so much.

“The Pennywise character from IT, Game of Thrones people, Wonder Woman,” Berberich said. “Pirates, even more so with the Johnny Depp ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series, the roaring 20s, flappers and gangsters have always been popular, superheroes.”

“Jack Sparrow is always popular,” said Valerie Larche, who also works at Theatrical Costume Company. “We’ve had a few Tom Petty. Prince, of course.”

Berberich said they sometimes have customers come in five minutes before they close on Halloween.

“They don’t know what they want and they want a costume, so they just grab something,” he said. “We sell a lot of ready-made costumes in bags. Those costumes, you can just buy, take home and put on and they are ready to go.”

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