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‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme is the ultimate costume for Halloween 2017

'Distracted Boyfriend' meme is the ultimate costume for Halloween 2017
(Picture: Twitter)

Nothing says 2017 quite like dressing up as an internet meme for Halloween.

You want people to know that you’re in the know.

Nothing on Twitter passes you by.

You basically are the internet.

And when it comes to memes, there’s only one that everyone wants to be this year: the Distracted Boyfriend.

It’s not offensive. It doesn’t require any particular outfit. You don’t need any time consuming makeup.

All you have to have is two other people willing to hang around with you, one with his eyes locked in permanent side-eye, and the other in a state of shocked upset.

It all started with Chase Mitchell, who uploaded a picture from his Halloween bash:

And then everyone else piled in with their versions

You don’t even need the other people

Especially if you don’t mind getting all Art Attack on this outfit:

Excellent efforts all round.

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