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Jimmy Fallon Serenades Blake Shelton With His New Single ‘I’ll Name the Dogs’: Watch

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Blake Shelton arrives for an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Oct. 30, 2017.

Shelton also played caramel apple Russian roulette and live debuted a new song during his recent ‘Fallon’ visit.

Blake Shelton is promoting his new album Texoma Shore as we draw nearer to its Nov. 3 release, and that led him to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (Oct. 30). Now, normally that would mean a little friendly chit-chat on the couch, maybe a set-up bit with a funny childhood photo and a well-lit performance at the end of the show.

But Shelton was visiting his old pal Fallon, so the friendly(ish) banter had a bit of an edge, and lots of jokes at Blake’s expense. Shelton noted that he’d caught the “15-minute segment that you did making fun of my damn album cover,” asking Jimmy if maybe instead of mockery he could maybe just help him sell some albums for once. That plea prompted Fallon to ask what the circumstances were in the photo on Shelton’s album cover, which, yes, finds Shelton standing on a shore. Fallon wondered if that was the same shore where “little Blakey” grew up wearing his “short shorts” and running around?

The two bantered about Shelton’s upcoming 2018 Country Music Freaks Tour, Shelton’s new restaurant and bar, Ole Red, The Voice and more tangents before Fallon serenaded Shelton with a jokey take on his single “I’ll Name the Dogs” (out Sept. 5). “I’ll name the dogs,” Fallon sang in a cartoonish country voice. “I’ll name ’em Spotty and Rex / I have never had sex.”

“I do like you,” Fallon said to the just-barely-amused Shelton. “I’m actually a big fan of yours. For real. I love ‘I’ll Name the Dogs,’ I really do. Let me show you how much I love you.” And on cue, The Roots began playing the song, Fallon put on a cowboy hat and sauntered over to sit by Shelton on the couch to sing him with the actual lyrics of “I’ll Name the Dogs.”

Shelton and Fallon then moved over to a small table to play Caramel Apple Roulette, where what appeared to be 12 caramel apples were actually eight caramel apples with four raw onions disguised amongst them. It was Shelton and Fallon’s job to avoid the onions. First one to bite into two onions, loses the game.

“This is the dumbest thing,” Shelton said before beginning.

“I’m only here because Seth Meyers is booked,” he added and took a bite into an onion of his first draw. Fallon went next and also bit into an onion.

Watch the clip below to see how the game ended, along with Shelton’s live performance debuting “At the House” — an upbeat romantic song about opting to hang out together at the house rather than going out — off of Texoma Shore.

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