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The Eagles were all over the Seminoles on a Friday night.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Things did not go well at all for Florida State on a no good, very bad night in Chestnut Hill. Boston College lead FSU 21-3 at halftime, and would beat the Seminoles 35-3 on a special night in Chestnut Hill.

Observe Florida State’s drive chart. I know it’s Halloween weekend, but you likely will not see anything scarier than this.

For Boston College, a big key was to come out with a varied attack.

Everything is working right now. The running game, the throw game, it’s all clicking. If BC can continue with the plan they had against Virginia they are going to be in great shape. Never let FSU’s defense get comfortable. If they start cheating on the run, kill them with Tommy Sweeney. If they are pinning back their ears and blitzing, call runs away from the blitz. Constantly adjust, and FSU will struggle.

They’re never gonna set records passing, but BC’s rushing attack was effective. They paired an efficient offensive performance, and an opportunistic defensive effort that saw the Eagles snag three turnovers. It was a historic whoopin and a game in which the Noles never threatened.

Now, there will be more calls for Jimbo Fisher’s job. Those calls are reactionary at best. For one, Fisher’s buyout is massive a something in the neighborhood of $40 million. But on the other hand, he is still an elite college football coach despite this poor season.

It’s just not feasible. Half of that would be an astronomical sum, much less the whole thing. It’s just not going to happen.

The best those fans can hope for is that Florida State makes the 3-4 coaching changes that, in hindsight, it should have made last year. Those coaching changes caused Fisher to lash out at a fan after FSU’s loss to Louisville.

This is the first five-loss season for Jimbo Fisher in Tallahassee, and the first three-game win streak for Boston College since 2013.

Now, bowl eligibility is in serious trouble for Florida State for the first time since 1976. The program was much different then. It was Bobby Bowden’s first year at the helm. If FSU continues on this trajectory, you’ll see more stats like this.

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