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FSU Football: Fans react to ‘Noles quitting against Boston College

FSU football didn’t quit on the season after the Miami loss, but that’s what happened Friday night against Boston College.

FSU football got blown out 35-3 and quit against Boston College Friday night. It was Boston College’s first win over FSU in the Jimbo Fisher era, and the first time FSU has lost five games under Fisher.

That team quit Friday night despite what Jimbo Fisher said in his post-game press conference. There were a few individuals giving max effort, but overall that team quit and I have no problem saying that.

There was no energy on the sidelines and players were not even standing during the game as they sat on the bleachers feeling sorry for themselves while Boston College took them to the woodshed.

Boston College was more physical and ran the ball down FSU’s throat all night to the tune of 241 yards and only passed for 88 yards the ENTIRE game.

Fan Reaction

Can we leave Kelly at the airport like USC did to Kiffen

— Steve Beck (@RockinNole17) October 28, 2017

this is brutal to watch!

— Billy Ellis (@B_ELLIS24) October 28, 2017

They definitely quit. At the game tonight and they 1000% quit!

— Don Olwert (@DonOlwert) October 28, 2017

Passion and desire beats talent all day long.

— Justin Walsh (@noleboy24) October 28, 2017


— Jared Hileman (@jhileman79) October 28, 2017


This loss is on the entire coaching staff but mainly Jimbo Fisher. How in the world do you still have Taravrus McFadden as the punt returner going into this game after the debacle he has become?

However, Fisher trots him out there and what happens? Fisher has lost this team and the fan base.

Will this loss affect the 2018 recruiting class? If I’m a current commit, there’s no way I’m coming to FSU and the debacle this program has become.

There’s absolutely no way FSU football should lose to a team like Boston College who can’t pass the ball for 100 yards.

However, that’s what happens when the quarterback is inexperienced and the receivers have passes TAKEN from them by defenders for interceptions.

This level of play isn’t acceptable, and quitting certainly isn’t an option with Seminole nation.

We’ll have more on this in our in-depth report on the game in a bit today.

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