Natalia Dyer

The Oddest Stranger Things Fan Encounters Revealed by Finn Wolfhard, Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery and More | E! News

The kids of Stranger Things have had plenty of strange experiences, both with the Demogorgon from the Upside Down and from fans in real life. Of course they’ve been asked for photos and to sign body parts, but sometimes the location of the photo can be too far.

“One of the first times I got recognized, I got followed back from my—it was when I was shooting It and I was in Toronto—and I got followed back from my friend Jack’s house,” Finn Wolfhard told E! News at the premiere of Stranger Things season two. “It was a couple and right when I got to my door, they were just like, ‘Can we take a picture with you?’ I was like,  ‘Um, no guys. You followed me back to my house. I’m leaving.'”

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