Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Says Cash Warren Wants to Name Their Son Dick

Jessica Alba is pregnant with baby number three, but she and hubby Cash Warren are still deciding what to name their baby boy.

It looks like the parents have some pretty strict criteria, too, which the actress explained during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Because Warren’s first name is an actual word, Alba said they wanted their kids to have unique names that were also words. To make things even more complicated, the names also have to start with the letter H. For instance, the couple named their daughters Honor and Haven, who are nine and six years old, respectively.

Back in August, Jimmy Fallon helped the actress brainstorm a few ideas for her future son—pitching names like Hermit, Heart or Hale; however, The Honest Company cofounder didn’t love his suggestions. So, Fallon tried seeking inspiration from her husband’s last name and suggested Willy Warren—or Wee Willy Warren.

“That terrible,” the soon-to-be mom of three said on last night’s episode, recalling the suggestions. Fallon joked the name sounded like a “cool DJ.”

But it looks like Alba isn’t loving her husband’s suggestions, either.

“He was like, ‘We should name it Dick with a silent H,'” she told the host, later adding “It’s just awful.”

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