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Stop shaming DJ Envy – some straight men like pegging, get over it

Stop shaming DJ Envy - some straight men like pegging, get over it
DJ Envy is being roasted online and on his radio show for his alleged preferences in bed (Picture: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Unbridled Eve)

DJ Envy is trending worldwide at the moment, and you may be wondering why.

You might not know who he is, but DJ Envy is a pretty big deal – he’s one of the hosts of The Breakfast Club with Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God.

However, his name isn’t trending for his DJ skills, although wouldn’t that be lovely?

No, DJ Envy is trending because of Snapchat messages allegedly sent from him to another women.

The messages haven’t caused controversy because people are wondering whether they are from DJ Envy, or whether the woman in the conversation is his wife Gia Casey.

The Snapchats are trending because they suggest DJ Envy enjoys pegging.

Stop shaming DJ Envy - some straight men like pegging, get over it
Why are people still shaming guys for liking certain sex acts? (Picture: Ella Byworth for

For the uninitiated, pegging is a sexual act for a heterosexual couple where a woman uses a strap-on to anally penetrate her partner.

Now, the Snapchat messages are a tad too explicit to reprint, but essentially, the man in the conversation seems rather excited that his sexting partner has a 9.5 inch strap-on in her possession.

Nobody knows for sure who the two parties are in the conversation ( has contacted DJ Envy for comment) but the main topic of gossip on Twitter is that DJ Envy enjoys anal stimulation.



I understand that everyone has a curiosity about what goes on in the bedrooms of celebs, hence the huge success of celebrity sex tapes. But do we really need to shame the sexual preferences of them?

Most of the tweets helping propel DJ Envy (real name Raashaun Casey) into the trending topics range from immature mockery over butt stuff to blatantly homophobic tweets about a man liking anal sex.

I can guarantee that the same guys (because most of them are guys) writing these offensive and shaming posts wouldn’t say a thing if their girlfriends moved down a little bit lower while going down in the first place – but would never, ever reveal they liked it.

The gross homophobia that goes hand in hand with the shame around anal pleasure is stopping men from trying something that, for many, can be hugely pleasurable. In fact, prostate stimulation can lead to stronger, longer orgasms for men, meaning a whole lot of you lads are missing out on countless great orgasms because your masculinity is too fragile to handle a finger up the bum.

Stop shaming DJ Envy - some straight men like pegging, get over it

Shows including Broad City, which featured a scene where a main character Abbi pegged a guy, are opening up the idea to more and more, with the act no longer completely taboo (amongst those willing to be open-minded, anyway). High street sex toy shops cater for every sexual need, with butt plugs and strap-ons as common on the shelves as vibrators.

Liking anal stimulation has no bearing on your sexuality. Gay, straight, bi, trans – anal sex acts can feel good for anybody, and men refusing to try it out based on their preconceptions that it’s ‘gay’ are not only missing out, they’re being homophobic.

Regardless of what else is happening in this sexting situation, if it is DJ Envy, good for him. He knows what he likes in bed, it’s consensual, and he’s probably having a better orgasm than most of you.

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