BWW Review: ‘CULT OF CHUCKY’ Returns with Gore, Mayhem and Laughs

BWW Review: 'CULT OF CHUCKY' Returns with Gore, Mayhem and Laughs

In CULT OF CHUCK, the little red-headed homicidal doll has returned and decided to bring a few allies, and some hilarity along for a campy ride! This is the seventh installment of the “Chucky” film series that saw everyone’s favorite bloodthirsty doll torment his original victim, Andy, in the first three movies, before moving on to finding love in Bride of Chucky, and inflicting his usual horror with a side of sass in ‘Curse of Chucky’.

CULT OF CHUCKY continues to do what made the film series a cult hit, kill everyone in sight while making as much of a bloody mess as possible, and make funny one-liners while doing so. CULT OF CHUCKY was directed by Don Mancini and stars Fiona Dourif as Nica, Alex Vincent as Andy, Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, and of course, Brad Dourif as THE VOICE of Chucky.

CULT OF CHUCKY begins with Nica being confined to an asylum for the criminally insane for over four years for the murder of her family, a murder she believes she has committed. When the house psychiatrist brings in the “Good Guy” doll, a doll that looks like Chucky, a number of gruesome deaths begin to take place throughout the asylum and Nica begins to think that she isn’t crazy after all. Andy returns as Chucky’s original nemesis as he races to save Nica and stay out of the way of Tiffany, Chucky’s bride who will do anything to see Chucky succeed, no matter the cost.

I expected this movie to be another run-of-the-mill horror-comedy flick that only aspires to being mediocre and turns out to be even less than that. I was wrong. CULT OF CHUCKY is definitely a streamlined movie, meaning it doesn’t offer many side-plots and tries to get to the “point” of the movie fairly quickly. Brad Dourif does a great job as the knife-wielding killer doll in this one, menacing and yapping out excellent one-liners like a 1980’s action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fiona Dourif does a solid job playing the crazy and fearful Nica. Fiona and Brad Dourif carry much of the movie on their backs as they face off against each other in a thrilling, but also kind of fun way. Outside of Alex Vincent’s “Andy”, and Jennifer Tilly’s “Tiffany,” who have little screen-time in this 90-minute venture, the role of the other cast members is simply to die, and do so spectacularly.

CULT OF CHUCKY is not a masterpiece of theather, nor something you will see featured on the Golden Globes. Instead, it offers us a chance to see a doll, a doll with bright red hair, that goes around murdering unsuspecting meat bags in comically inventive ways, purely for the sake of evil. But sometimes, whether we want to admit it or not, this is the type of entertainment we need.

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