Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins FaceTimed into a Redskins meeting while his wife was giving birth

Cousins did not want to miss a meeting or his wife delivering their child, so he found a way to do both

Kirk Cousins‘ wife, Julie, gave birth to their first kid, Cooper, on a Friday night last month — three days before the Redskins‘ Week 4 Monday night game against the Chiefs — which meant Cousins probably should’ve missed practice and any team meetings going on at the team’s facility. But Cousins somehow found a way to be in two places at once.

No, he didn’t borrow Hermione’s Time-Turner. He used his iPad instead.

As Cousins revealed to Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop, he FaceTimed Redskins backup quarterback Colt McCoy so that he could be present for a meeting in the quarterback room … while his wife went through labor.  I’ll let Cousins’ explain:

Oh, I haven’t missed a practice since I’ve been here. That was my first one. Going into a Monday Night Football game against the Chiefs that week, I didn’t really want to miss a day. But Colt [McCoy, my backup,] set up his phone in the quarterback meeting room and we got on FaceTime. I was basically there without being there. … Julie’s contractions were coming every four to five minutes, and they lasted about 30 seconds—but outside of that I was able to focus [on football] and Julie was very understanding. She could hear my coaches and [teammates] talking in the background but she said it was fine. When she needed to grab my hand to get through a contraction for 30 seconds, I was there—and I had my iPad next to me, looking at cut-ups, in between. I think our doula thought that was weird. She wanted me a little more present. But Julie understood.

That might just be the most Kirk Cousins story ever. He’s notorious for being the most competitive practice player — he trash talks his teammates at practice — so the story above shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but that doesn’t make it any less weird. Cousins going from his iPad to his wife giving birth is weird, right? Making his wife listen to head coach Jay Gruden, offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh, McCoy, and whoever else was in that meeting as she was giving birth is weird, right? Having his coaches and teammates sorta be in the same room while Cousins’ son was being born is weird, right? Right?

Cousins is also kinda weird. So, it’s entirely fitting, I guess. The good news is that he seems to be OK with us thinking he’s sorta weird.

I’ve never been one to just let everyone see what I’m about, so sometimes there is a misperception. The comments about “Oh, he’s more of a dork or a nerd” I don’t know if that’s fully true. But I can see why people would say that when they just get a snapshot. If you’re around me enough you’d say, “There’s more to that guy.” But I’m OK with it. It’s funny. I’m totally cool being self-deprecating.

We just got a snapshot via the story above. And the snapshot was weird. Just saying.

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