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Justin Turner’s home run eases the tension for these fans

Chris Taylor and Justin Turner homer and Clayton Kershaw gives up one run while striking out 11. Game 2 is Wednesday at Dodger Stadium with Rich Hill taking on Justin Verlander. First pitch is 5:08 p.m.

The second the ball left Justin Turner’s bat, Onyi Chima left the ground.

The 28-year-old county employee and life long Dodger fan lept as high as he could and spun in circles, searching for hands to high-five.

The entire bar had been tense after the Astros tied the game, booing very close strike against the Dodgers, booing every close ball for the Astros and groaning at each of the three double plays the visitors were able to turn against the home team.

Then Turner sent the ball into the night.

“I did not see that coming,” Chima said. “I mean I love me some Justin Turner but I wasn’t ready for that.”

Chima was born in 1989 and so far his biggest Dodger memories involve playoff loses to the Phillies and Cardinals and bad trades.

“I was a year late,” he said, in reference to missing the last Dodger World Series.

He aches to see them go all the way.

This year he thinks they have the magic. He trusts the starters, he has faith in the hitters and the bullpen comforts him.

“I got us in six,” he said. “Shut it down!”

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