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John McCain Gets Emotional with Daughter Meghan About Brain Cancer — And Her Boyfriend

Sen. John McCain appeared on The View on Monday to help his daughter, co-host Meghan McCain, celebrate her 33rd birthday — and to have a little fun ribbing her over her boyfriend.

Meghan, who made her debut as the newest co-host on The View on Oct. 9, has made numerous references to her mystery boyfriend on social media but has not posted photos of him or revealed his identity.

Asked if he approves of his daughter’s boyfriend, McCain joked, “He’s a jerk” — prompting Meghan to bury her face in her hands and cry that her boyfriend is “going to kill me!”

“Actually, he’s a very fine man,” said McCain, 81. “I’m very proud and very happy that they’re so happy together.”

“He’s still got a lot to learn,” the Arizona Republican added to laughter from the co-hosts and crowd.

Meghan was then asked if her boyfriend was “scared” to meet her father, due to his accomplishments as a decorated pilot, war hero and six-term senator.

“Well, this one works in politics and has for a long time so he wasn’t as intimidated,” Meghan replied.

“Frankly, he’s a little more conservative than I am,” her father noted.

“He’s so conservative,” Meghan agreed. “It’s interesting that I dated so many liberals that you didn’t like and I ultimately seem to have landed with the most conservative guy in the history of the world.”

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The interview also hit the opposite end of the emotional spectrum when the senator, who went public with his brain cancer diagnosis in July, was asked about his health.

McCain said he’s feeling “fine” and “getting plenty of rest, plenty of food, plenty of exercise.”

“I don’t mean to get a little sentimental, but it does make you appreciate every minute of every hour of every day,” he said, his voice breaking, while at his side, Meghan’s eyes fill with tears. “We should all thank God for every minute because we are blessed. And we’re blessed to be in the greatest nation on Earth.”

But McCain, who’s known for his sense of humor, was quick to rebound with a joke.

Asked what he wants people to remember about him when he’s gone, McCain replied, “He served his country. And he’s proud of his family and his daughter — who is, many times a real pain in the ass.”

But Meghan couldn’t hold back tears when her father gave a birthday gift tied with a red ribbon: It was a photo of the two of them on a hike together in Sedona.

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