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Cameron Britton as Ed Kemper, ‘Mindhunter’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Mindhunter, David Fincher’s dark new drama series, may just be Netflix’s next big hit. The series, based loosely on a memoir by criminal profiler John E Douglas, is set in 1977, and follows two FBI profilers as they struggle to understand the inner workings of the serial killer mind.

In the series, FBI agent Holden Ford is insistent on interviewing notorious killer Ed Kemper, who, as the show puts it, “likes talking to the police.” Kemper is entirely real, and to this day, the killer is imprisoned at the California Medical Facility. Approachable and at times even likable, Kemper speaks nonchalantly to Ford and his partner, Holt McCallany, about the gruesome slayings he carried out mostly in the 70s.

Kemper is portrayed by actor Cameron Britton, who some may recognize from his past work.

Read on to learn more about actor Cameron Britton.

1. He Plays Tim in ‘Stitchers’

Britton plays Tim in Stitchers. Although his character is an engineering manager, Britton admits he’s not a tech guru in real life by any means. In a 2015 interview with Talk Nerdy With Us, Britton said, “This has all been pretty new… I’m pretty terrible with computers, adults, and cars. I’m mostly an indoor guy. However, I do love camping [laughs].”

Britton made his on-screen debut in the TV series Unusual Suspects in 2014, as Jeffrey Boyd. He followed that with performances in the films Camp Takota and Redeemed.

In a 2014 interview at the premiere of Camp Takota, Britton was asked what made him want to be part of the film. He said, “When I auditioned for it I didn’t know anyone in it. A lot of these people know each other– and I kind of just stumbled on set realizing they’re all amazing and talented and known cause they’re hilarious on Youtube, as well. It was amazing– most fun I’ve had on all four of my sets.”

2. Britton Is 6’5″

The real-life Ed Kemper, often referred to as the “co-ed killer”, was an impressive 6’9″ and heavily-built. Actor Cameron Britton is not far off the mark, standing at 6’5″ and weighing 275lb, according to his IMDB page.

‘Killer’ isn’t usually his typecast, though. In an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us in 2015, Britton dished, “Because of my size and hairiness and general attitude, I play a lot of engineers, crewman workers, techies, roadies or things like that.”

3. His Role in ‘Mindhunters’ Has Received Positive Reviews from Critics

Critics have applauded Britton’s work on the show. Vanity Fair describes him as “terrifically unnerving”.  The AV Club also praises Britton’s performance, writing, “Played by actor Cameron Britton, whose performance is already one of the most chilling of its type, Kemper is the embodiment of Ford’s argument that this new breed of killer is too crazily complex for the existing rulebook to cover.” They later add on, “With an adenoidal voice and beady eyes hidden behind those thick reflective frames, Britton delivers these lines with effortless menace.”

Real-life serial killer Ed Kemper murdered several women in the 1970s, including his own grandparents and his mother. Kemper performed sexual acts on many of his victims mutilated corpses. Crime and Investigation writes, “[Kemper’s] necrophilia involves photographing the body, then having sex with it. After dissection, and decapitation, he has sex with the head, and with the viscera.”

Speaking about Britton’s portrayal of the gruesome murderer, The Telegraph writes, “Cameron Britton, the actor who plays Kemper in Mindhunter, is a dead ringer for the killer, with his slightly plump face, unflattering moustache and outwardly gentle manner. What’s more disturbing is that some of the fictionalized Kemper’s lines are taken from recordings of interviews with the real killer.”

4. The Casting Director Says Britton Was ‘Perfect’ for the Role

Newsweek recently published a piece in which they interviewed the Mindhuntercasting director, Laray Mayfield, who co-cast Mindhunter with Julie Schubert.

Discussing the casting process, Mayfield said, “We saw several talented people for that role, but Cameron was just perfect… You could tell early on that he was going to be very dedicated, prepared and thoughtful.”

5. His Favorite Halloween Movie Is ‘Hocus Pocus’

Halloween is just around the corner, meaning Britton can likely be found watching replays of Hocus Pocus when he isn’t busy. Speaking to Talk Nerdy With Us, the actor revealed, “My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. Every time I watch scary movies, I can’t sleep for the next couple weeks. It’s just been that way since I was a little kid. Sometimes I think I’m brave enough, and I enjoy the movie while watching it, but then during the next couple weeks, I won’t sleep. I usually don’t watch scary movies. Ever since I was a kid, I loved Hocus Pocus, though.”

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