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Cam Newton or Matt Ryan: who was more of a disappointment on Sunday?

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COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, who was more disappointing yesterday, Cam or Matt Ryan?

JASON WHITLOCK: It’s not even close, it’s Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan has all the pieces. He’s got Julio, he’s got to Devonta Freeman. He had his tight end Hooper back. He has all the pieces. I look across at Cam– Christian McCaffrey is the most over-hyped rookie, and Curtis Samuel would be the second most over-hyped rookie in the NFL. They’re providing Cam nothing.

And so, Matt Ryan, they got a Super Bowl– he’s got Super Bowl talent around him. I love the guy. But far more disappointing what he just did against– everybody’s eating up the Patriots defense, and this guy can’t pee a drop. That was embarrassing last night.

COLIN COWHERD: The difference to me though– I’m just more disappointed in Cam, because when Matt Ryan struggles, I believe most of it’s because Matt Ryan’s limited. Now you and I have disagreed on that.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yeah, we still do.

COLIN COWHERD: I think he’s– I think he’s a– I think he’s–


COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, so again, when Eli struggles, he’s completely immobile, he’s unathletic. But when Cam struggles, I’m like he’s big, he’s strong, he’s fast, why does he struggle? It always feels like to me when Cam struggles, it’s on Cam. Now, I don’t think he has the great people around him. Who has Russell Wilson for three years had around him? Matt–

JASON WHITLOCK: The Legion of Boom.

COLIN COWHERD: OK, but Matt Ryan is a limited physical athlete. Cam could do anything Cam wanted to do. So when Cam struggles, I always think, was Cam into it, was Cam focused, was Cam more into his outfit after the game, did Cam prepare, is Cam paying attention, is he even emotionally?

I think Cam has mostly in his career– I think Matt Ryan’s overachieved. I think Cam’s underachieved.

– I think Cam, you know, the fact that they only scored three points yesterday was really mind-boggling to me. I expected them to win this game, like I said yesterday. And he has to have some help around him, and he’s not getting it, like you said, from Christian McCaffrey, from Funchess, from Kelvin Benjamin. These guys have not shown up.

And I don’t want to put it all on Cam. But I just feel like somehow, someway he was supposed to find a way to win that game yesterday. He was supposed to put up more than three points. You know, at least Matt Ryan did score a touchdown in the closing seconds. And listen, I was disappointed in that too for my fantasy.

JASON WHITLOCK: Would you rather have Matt Ryan’s pieces or Cam’s pieces?

– I mean, obviously, for me, Cam, because the physical–

– No, no, supporting pieces.

– I think they both got–

JASON WHITLOCK: Julio Jones? Cam ain’t got no Julio Jones.

– He got Kelvin Benjamin.

COLIN COWHERD: And Funchess.

– And Funchess.

– And Dixon, he had 154 yards.

COLIN COWHERD: Are you making [INAUDIBLE]? Carolina is it not without talent.

JASON WHITLOCK: Christian McCaffrey was supposed to light the world on fire.


JASON WHITLOCK: Seven yards on punt return is what he’s averaging. 2.5 yards per carry.

– They have to put him in a position to be successful. Thus, bringing me to the reason why I will say– I’m going to go to bat for Matt Ryan here. Matt Ryan, obviously, I believe last year is really who he truly was. It’s what I always said when I was playing with him. I’m like he’s capable of having this type of year. And he did it last year.

He’s got that new coordinator. Something’s going on there. And I’m not going to take away that a couple of those passes didn’t look like it did last year. But for the most part, I think it’s coming down to what Sarkisian and him, they are not on the same page. And I blame both of them. Because I am dumbfounded why Julio Jones is not getting more attempts.

Why is he not getting the Antonio Brown attempts per game? How many targets did he have last night? I think it was four or five. That’s not enough. You’ve got to feed the beast, get that horse going, use him.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, when Cam struggles, I always hear he has no talent. Kelvin Benjamin’s a real player. Funchess is a real player. McCaffrey’s fine. Ed Dixon’s fine. By the way, he had Greg Olsen for the last–

JASON WHITLOCK: What are you basing Funchess– from his Michigan days?

– He’s putting up numbers, what are you talking about. If you could do it once, I’m a big believer that you can do it again.

COLIN COWHERD: You guys make it sound like Cam has nothing. Russell Wilson has a worse O-line, a worse running game.

JASON WHITLOCK: And the Legion of Boom.

COLIN COWHERD: A some point, Cam has to take ownership of Cam.

JASON WHITLOCK: Cam was horrible. He was horrible yesterday. Matt Ryan was worse. Matt Ryan– and again, I agree with Tony, it’s Steve Sarkisian. I don’t see any play call. I don’t see what Andy Reid does a lot of times. He’ll draw a guy open. The design of the play will get you open.


JASON WHITLOCK: I don’t see that for Julio Jones and these guys. So listen, part of it’s the offensive coordinator. But you’re coming off a Super Bowl, and you’re in a Super Bowl rematch, and you don’t score until the fourth quarter against the worst defense.

COLIN COWHERD: Cam Newton didn’t get a touchdown against a rookie.

– We’re talking about the New England Patriots versus the Chicago Bears. And I know the Bears defense is ranked 10th and they’re playing pretty good.

– Yeah, but they’re not Bill Belichick.

– But it’s not Bill Belichick and his staff.

COLIN COWHERD: Cam had the ball for almost 40 minutes.

JASON WHITLOCK: The Jacksonville Jaguars have outscored the Atlanta Falcons. Marinate on that. Marinate on that.

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