Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton interview: ‘I don’t do politics – when all else fails, I just tell a boob joke’

Miley Cyrus recently praised her godmother Dolly Parton for “pushing the boundaries” and making “country music sexual”. “Maybe she meant to say sexy,” laughs Parton, who, at 71, seems reluctant to view herself as a provocative figure. “I was always proud to be a woman, and I thought it was OK to be feminine and wear my clothes a little tight, a little low cut, but I never tried to be vulgar.

“It’s a country girl’s idea of glamour,” she says. “I loved all the spangles and the rhinestones, I’m a little short, but I had boobs and a small waist and I just tried to make the most of what good things I might’ve had. I guess some people maybe thought I was ignorant, and maybe I was too.”

Parton and Cyrus have sung together, performing their own composition Rainbowland on Cyrus’s latest album, Younger Now. “I love Miley, I’ve known her since she was a tiny little baby, she’s always been precious…

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