Larry Flynt

Porn publisher Larry Flynt offers $10 million for dirt that could get impeached

Larry Flynt

Pornography publisher Larry Flynt is offering $10 million in cash for any information leading to the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Flynt, who is best known as the publisher of Hustler magazine, took out a full page ad in the Sunday edition of The Washington Post.

In the ad, Flynt lists six charges that he believes constitutes the basis for impeachment, including colluding with a “hostile foreign power to rig our election”, to “inciting violent civil strife.”

The businessman said that the offer to pay for information is real.

“I do not expect any of Trump’s billionaire cronies to rat him out, but I am confident that there are many people in the know for whom $10 million is a lot of money. And just because you pay for information, doesn’t mean it’s not good. Make no mistake, I fully intend to pay the entire sum,” the ad read.

“I feel it is my patriotic duty, and the duty of all Americans, to dump Trump before it’s too late.”

There is a number at the bottom and an email address.

The Washington Post reported that the hotline will be staffed on weekdays, between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT, for the next two weeks.

It’s not the first time Flynt has offered money for information that could lead to the downfall of politicians. In 2007, he offered $1 million for anyone who could come forward with stories detailing sexual encounters with member of Congress.

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