Professor gives an explosive rant against pomegranates, but there’s a good reason

Parents are always talking about eating your vegetables and there’s suddenly a reason why – a professor’s fruit crusade.

Dr. Jane Martino was performing an exercise in her developmental psychology class and went on a very loud, very animated anti-pomegranate tangent to her students on Wednesday.

The Des Moines Area Community College professor was adamant about the fruit, screaming “No, no, no, no, no pomegranates!”

Can’t have em pic.twitter.com/BpvZtNMZBW

— Tyler Wierson (@tdubs23) October 11, 2017

That’s one way of teaching.

The first viral video was posted by Tyler Wierson (@tdub23) and garnered about 43,000 retweets.

While many people believed the professor was having a breakdown, another student clarified the situation in a tweet. “It was a development psychology class. It’s how to not teach kids to dislike/like something,” he stated. It definitely puts things into perspective.

It was a development psychology class. It’s how to not teach kids to dislike/like something.

— D.J. Miller (@deeejaaay25) October 12, 2017

According to International Business Times, Martino explained she was discussing the meaningless of the word ‘no.’ To her, refusing pomegranates to the class was akin to telling your kids not to do drugs. By just refusing them, rather than talking about them, it highlights the subject in their heads without giving any helpful context.

“Before making a big deal about it the students were not thinking about [pomegranates],” Martino said to IBT. “Afterward they sure were! Tell your kids what to think about and just skip the ‘no’ part.”

But, this wasn’t the first time Martino presented the class with her stance on fruits. Aside from telling her class to “never ever think about pomegranates” (no eating, no sniffing either), she had them disregard kiwis too. So, what’s next? Apples? Strawberries?


— D.J. Miller (@deeejaaay25) October 12, 2017

Hopefully, Martino’s unique teachings will resonate with the students. But some are just dying to prove their teacher right.

I’m totally bringing in a pomegranate tomorrow.

— Tyler Wierson (@tdubs23) October 13, 2017

The semester is still in a full swing, so we’re expecting more anti-fruit rants from her. Grapefruits you’re up.

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