Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter on what drew him to Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Kevin Finn is not a good person. But he is tasked with saving humanity. So there’s that.

When Kevin (Probably) Saves the World premieres on ABC, viewers will meet Kevin, a struggling guy who’s gone to stay with his recently widowed sister after a suicide attempt. There, he’ll meet Yvette, a celestial guide who was sent to, well, help him be a better person. Turns out, he’s the last of 36 righteous souls on the planet whose job it is to protect pretty much everyone. Now, this accidental hero has to charge up his soul through acts of selflessness so that he can anoint a new generation of righteous.

Along the way, the show will tackle serious issues with a comedic approach, which is the very thing that got star Jason Ritter’s attention. “I just loved everything about it,” Ritter says of the pilot. “I liked the humor, but there were moments where I was really moved by the script. There was something that I liked about the fact that [the show] was light and funny but not ignoring that painful things exist. I love characters that feel like there are complications in their life. Someone who’s going through something is always more fun to play.”

And Kevin will be going through a lot. For a guy who really needs to spend some time focusing on himself and his family, it’s not like he can just add “saving all of humankind” to his to-do list. “However he got chosen for this job, they may have wanted to vet him first,” Ritter says, chuckling. “But I guess it’s too late.”

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World premieres Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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