SNES Classic

Nintendo’s loyal fans line up to ensure the company doesn’t screw them out of an SNES Classic

Robert Bartkowski arrived outside Nintendo New York in Rockefeller Plaza two days ago around 5PM. His camping supplies are modest: a chair, some blankets, and a lot of patience. His food, as well as his bathroom breaks, are dependent on a smattering of stores across from him.

Despite being subjected to the wilds of New York City for hours without end, the 20-year-old is in good spirits. He’s come to buy the SNES Classic, and less than an hour remains until the store opens its doors at 9AM. “Why line up so early?” he muses. “Honestly, because last year with the NES Classic, it was selling out like hotcakes. You could barely get your hands on one. I want to make sure I get the SNES Classic before it has the chance to sell out.”

Bartkowski isn’t alone in his reasoning. A handful of people behind him have also come a day early for the release of Nintendo’s retro console. And behind those dedicated fans, an even longer line has begun to snake its way through the sidewalks of Midtown Manhattan. They stretch from the store’s door near the corner of 48th St. and 5th Ave. all the way to 50th and 6th. The line breaks only to allow paths for cars or pedestrians.

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