Devante Adams

Shannon: Danny Trevathan hit on Devante Adams was dirty

– For him to take that shot, and that mouthpiece to pop out of his mouth like it did, you know that was some tremendous force. I knew instantly. When you take a shot like that to the face or to the side of the jaw, you’re going out, and he was unconscious. And it’s very, very unfortunate.

And if the NFL is serious, these are the type of hit that they’re trying to take out of the game, Skip, these are very dangerous. We saw Anquan Boldin get hit something like this in a game about seven, eight years ago, and it broke his jaw, and you know he had to get surgery and had a fracture, orbital fracture also. I don’t think Danny’s a dirty player, though, but this was a dirty and unnecessary hit. That’s a very dangerous play.

When you lead with the crown of your helmet, and you hit a guy in his face, face on or the side of his jaw, bad things normally happen. So I would be shocked if he doesn’t get, at the bare minimum, one game. But I think it’s going to probably be more in line with two because he doesn’t have a history.

– I believe he will get a game, and I do not believe he deserves to be suspended for a game. You know him. I have watched him closely ever since he intercepted Tony Romo in that game back in whatever it was, 2013, whatever, the shoot-out game.


– Yeah, 51 to 48, after Tony Romo had thrown for 506, and then he threw it to Danny Trevathan with the game on the line. But I view it as an unfortunately dirty hit by a player with no reputation for ever playing dirty.


– He just plays hard. And I hope people out there can get this. I get it only because I worked– I covered the Chicago Bears for the Chicago Tribune for three years. And I was shocked, having grown up in the Cowboys-Redskin rivalry, this is the oldest rivalry in pro football.


– This is the one that runs deepest, the blood runs– obviously, you’ve got Raiders-Broncos coming up Sunday. That’s rivalry.

– Ravens-Steelers.

– Ravens-Steelers, you could certainly argue that one. But this one, even though it’s been one-sided in recent history– for a long time, the Bears dominated.

– Bears dominated.

– Yeah.

– Absolutely.

– But they just don’t like each other. There is proximity, you know, because Chicago is right, very close.


– It’s only about an hour up to Milwaukee from Chicago.


– And so he was rallying to the ball, and he delivered a blow that he was immediately remorseful about. You could just see him on the field, and he was going back and forth. And it looked like they were jawing at each other, but I think he was telling Aaron, I didn’t mean it.


– And I think Aaron acknowledged, that he was telling him back, I get it. I know you didn’t mean it. But a weird thing happened as the play developed, and that was that, A, the refs were slow to throw the flag on it because the ball became loose on the ground. And so it looked like the Bears were celebrating the hit.

I’m pretty sure– because you see Pernell McPhee, 92, just jumping up, throwing his fists. But he’s actually doing that.


– Like, we got the ball, and they were clinging to dear life because it was still 21-7. And they thought that Glennon had had one drive that looked decent and scored a touchdown with a nice throw. The rest of the game was a disaster. But the point is, I think Green Bay got upset because it looked like the Bears were celebrating the hit, and they were celebrating a recovered fumble. For.

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