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Sean McVay’s Girlfriend: Everything You Need to Know about Veronika Khomyn

Sean McVay Girlfriend

Sean McVay became the youngest head coach in the history of the NFL when he was hired by the Los Angeles Rams this year. He already proved to be a winning coach in his first game. Now, fans want to know more about the head coach’s personal life.

Sean McVay made the move to California when the Los Angeles Rams appointed him as head coach, making him the youngest head coach in the NFL. Not only are his coaching abilities turning heads, but so is his life outside the gridiron and people are becoming increasingly curious about Sean McVay’s girlfriend and his new home. His girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn can no longer fly under the radar. We’ve got everything to know about the Rams’ head coach’s girlfriend in our Veronika Khomyn wiki.

She’s from Ukraine

Veronika Khomyn, born Veronika Nikolaevna, is a native of Ukraine. She lived in Virginia where she went to George Mason University at Fairfax, Virginia. She worked at UFC Gym and DC Clubbing in Fairfax, but also has experience working as a model.

There’s not much known about this foreign beauty. She enjoys football, and not just because her boyfriend is in the league. According to some of his interviews, McVay discusses work with his girlfriend.

She used to live with McVay in Virginia, back when he was the assistant tight ends coach for the Washington Redskins. After he was hired by the Rams, she moved with him to Los Angeles.

She Helped Him Move

When McVay moved to L.A., his newly purchased contemporary-style house in Encino Hills (with a price tag of $2.7 million) was all the Internet could talk about. Khomyn moved in with him in this house which was decorated by McVay’s professional interior designer mom, who has very expensive taste in furniture.

When McVay got the job with the Rams, he was hoping to return to his townhouse in Virginia to gather his things. But there was so much to do in L.A. and he didn’t have the time to travel back.

No worries though! Khomyn came to the rescue! She gathered her friends and took care of clearing McVay’s townhouse, managing to sell it in a day, and McVay didn’t have to head back to Washington!

McVay and Khomyn’s house has become a hot topic since McVay’s mother, Cindy has done a fabulous job in decorating it. For her services, Cindy handed her son a pretty huge bill too, with no family discount! According to Khomyn, McVay’s favorite part of the house is using Alexa to turn the lights off and on.

She Loves Instagram

When his home was making the Internet go wild, McVay had no idea until his girlfriend told him. “My girlfriend, she’s on social media, I’m not,” said McVay. “And she says, ‘You know, it’s everywhere, where we’re living,’ and all that stuff.” The Rams coach may not have social media, but he’s not camera shy! They love showing their affection in Khomyn’s Instagram pics.

From her Instagram, we can see that she’s pretty well-traveled. She has some pretty picturesque photographs from Ukraine, Austria, France, the Caribbean, and even Miami and Malibu.

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