Last Day of Summer

Mammoth Snow: Happy Last Day of Summer

Mammoth Snow: Happy Last Day of Summer

SUMMER SNOWFALL: Mammoth Mountain received a lot of snow over the winter of 2016-2017, so much so that January 2017 was proclaimed the snowiest month on record (and a week before the month had even wrapped, too). It was a wowza winter to remember, flakes-wise, and Mammoth mavens vowed they’d be talking about the mega drifts and mega ski action for years to come. A few people might have wondered, at the time, if the skies above the pretty Sierra spot would take some time off, and really bask in the warmer weather, after such an intense winter. Clearly, though, that wasn’t in the weather’s plan, for a snowstorm hit the high-elevation resort area on the last day of summer. True, the…

THURSDAY, SEPT. 21… snowfall wasn’t the sort of scene that’s seen in wintertime, but it was notable and “…more than a dusting,” according to a Mammoth Mountain representative. The photos coming off the mountain back that assertion up, with the famous mammoth statue, the gondolas, the lodge, and other area landmarks all rocking a considerable amount of the white stuff. Don’t rush for your poles just yet, though; this isn’t the start of winter, and as lovers of autumn in the Eastern Sierra know, there’s still some leaf-peeping to do in the coming weeks. But you can keep an eager eye on…

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