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No More Child Support After 2017?

Headlines claiming President Trump and Congress abolished child support were completely false, but massively popular on social media.

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President Trump and Congress abolished child support as of 2018.




In September 2017 two headlines created using the prank generator React365 suggested that President Trump and Congress had effectively ended all child support payments as of 2018, blaring “No more child support after 2017!” and “CHILD SUPPORT SAID TO END BY BEGINNING OF 2018”:

no more child support 2018
trump ends child support
The word salad “news” content originated with React365, a prank generator whose sole purpose is to enable users to generate fake news and share it on social media:

On the footer of each page, a poorly-worded disclaimer explains that its headlines are “created by users” and are not a “source of information”:

Fake news about child support typically spreads with alacrity. However, there have been no legitimate news reports of either the President or Congress ending (or even intending to end) child support. It is simply false information generated by a prank web site.

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